Nodding Heads’ debut game, ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic’ goes live on Kickstarter

Nodding Heads Games has been garnering a lot of praise from the industry and enthusiasts alike for their debut game, ‘Raji: An Ancient Epic.’ Back in February of this year, in an interaction with AnimationXpress, the studio had talked about their inspiration for the game saying, “We wanted to make a game that represents lores, myths and stories from India. Right after our visits to Rajasthan back in 2014, we were so inspired by the splendid beauty and grandeur of monuments from the medieval era of Rajasthan, we decided to make a game that portrays this timeless and unique beauty to the world. Our alternate universe is loosely inspired by epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata. By combining these two, we were able to imagine a game of grand scale.” Set in Ancient India, Raji is a young girl chosen by the gods to stand against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Her destiny is to rescue her younger brother and face the demon lord Mahabalasura.
The game was pretty much in an embryonic stage back then. With a clear vision, however, the studio has pulled off a pretty good feat. The game is now in a much more stable state and is going live on Kickstarter today! The Studio also plans to put up a playable demo for the same during NGDC. We asked the studio on what their journey was like so far, to which they replied, “We’ve gained tons of knowledge about Unreal Engine since we’ve been using it on a daily basis. We have seen how the game’s design can evolve drastically through iteration and play tests. We feel we’ve mastered the fine line of being ambitious and having realistic goal. We’ve invested an awful lot of time and we feel it’s paid off! “We’ve received an overwhelming positive response to date. We achieved 95 per cent positive votes on Square Enix Collective, and were featured on Square Enix’s official Facebook page. Recently the game was featured on all of Unreal Engine’s official social media, which was most unexpected and extremely gratifying. The community that has built around the game has been very interactive and responsive. We are looking forward to further growing our community.” We’ve been somewhat tracking the development of the game through the small anecdotes that the studio keeps releasing and the game seems to have shaped up pretty well from where it began!
Now, with the game going live on Kickstarter, it’s up to the community to take the story of Raji ahead as the studio said, “We’re very excited about the launch. The game’s future rests in the hands of the community. To everyone who thinks an Indian action adventure game like Raji deserves to be developed, go on and support our Kickstarter, if not then spread the word for us, be part of our epic journey!”