Nintendo confirms movie on popular video game character Mario

Nintendo Entertainment is all set to take the Super Mario experience to the next level, as the gaming studio today announced a feature film on the popular video game. Partnering with Illumination Films, the movie will be co-produced by the original creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination founder Chris Meledandri. Chatters of a film on the pudgy plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom had been doing the rounds for almost ten weeks, before Nintendo’s official Twitter handle finally reaffirmed the long standing speculations. Even though the studios haven’t divulged anything else, it is thought to be an animation movie, though Nintendo also threw a curveball by quoting “a movie starring Mario” in its revelation, rather than explicitly stating a film on him. That leaves the door ajar for a handful of possibilities, such as a spin-off from the normal Mario franchise, or even a live-action movie. A live-action treatment, if it were to be, wouldn’t be new as an attempt to transcend the adventures onto the big-screen has already met with an unmitigated disaster upon its release in 1993. Titled Super Mario Bros., the Bob Hoskins-starrer movie saw Mario and his pal Luigi going great lengths to stall the sinister machinations of a ruthless dictator King Koopa. Back then, it failed to resonate with the audience. The tweet is apparently the only information about the Mario movie that one can binge on, although subsequent developments are expected in the coming weeks.