New colours will be seen at 88 Pictures as Navratri begins

The festival of dance and colours is here, and as the country dons its best clothes gearing up for the auspicious occasion, so do Indian animation studios. At Mumbai’s 88 Pictures, there are big plans for Navratri. The team plans to dress in nine various colours on the nine days of the festival and a Garba Night is organised for the tenth day. “Indian culture is full of festivals and each festival gives us an opportunity to celebrate this joy of togetherness. Navratri is a special one,” shares 88 Pictures CEO Milind Shinde. “We use this occasion to celebrate those colours, each day is different colour dedicated to particular deity on that day and the entire studio enthusiastically participates. It’s a beautiful sight of joy, belief, togetherness and colours.”
The team at 88 Pictures dressed in today’s colour, yellow
The studio that is currently working on Guillermo Del Toro’s Trollhunters, has also begun work on another show from the same director that will “push the quality to the next level,” Shinde claims. It also has a couple of IPs in the pipeline in development stages; and the team has had interesting discussions with a few broadcasters but is in no hurry to put out anything just yet. The festival is known to bring positivity and a new vigour. And that is what Shinde feels as well. “At the heart, we are all artists and our job is to tell beautiful stories full of emotions, passion and colours. We are indigenous mix of people with diverse talents and skill sets. It’s almost like a picturesque palette of various colours. Whether it’s our work or our studio culture, everything reflects the philosophy that we truly love what we do and we like to celebrate the journey.”