New CBeebies preschool series ‘Tolibob’ to be launched at MIPCOM by CAKE

CAKE has been appointed to distribute a brand new preschool series Tolibob. Produced by Beakus in association with Cloth Cat, for CBeebies in UK and ABC in Australia, Tolibob will launch at MIPCOM with CAKE selling worldwide rights excluding Japan. The 52 x 5’ series follows a group of young creative creatures called the “Tolibobs”. Tib, Lalloo and Bobble live in a big forest and have fun playing, exploring and solving everyday problems. In each episode, they work together combining shapes, colours and patterns to create a new character, who joins in with the Tolibobs’ fun, while a friendly narrator encourages them to think for themselves. Beakus, director-producer, Steve Smith said, “Tolibob is a show with creative play and imagination at its heart. Full of fun, humour, and some surreal moments that we know pre-school children will love, Tolibob is our first original invention and we can’t wait to share it with the world!” A bright, unique, fun series aimed at two to five year olds, Tolibob is inventive and interactive, inspiring creative play in younger children, who will marvel at the funny and curious characters coming to life, whilst older children will see how simple shapes can be used to create characters and stories. Tolibob was created and developed by BAFTA and British Animation award-winning director-producer Steve Smith and published book author and illustrator Leigh Hodgkinson. CAKE, CCO and managing director, Ed Galton said, “Tolibob is a fun unique concept that shows children how to create characters using shapes, patterns and their imagination. With a terrific award-winning team behind it, we are sure it will be warmly received at MIPCOM.”   Tolibobimage