New birds in town out on a mission to deliver babies in the new ‘Storks’ trailer

Baby delivery system takes a new turn in Warner Bros. upcoming animated film Storks. The recent trailer released by Warner Bros. Pictures displays the chaos to be created when a baby girl is produced in the Stork delivery system, and the responsibility of her delivery is unknown. The trailer unveils the little boy demanding a younger brother as a companion for him. While, the Stork baby delivery system has been shifted from delivering babies to delivering packages for global internet giant The company’s top delivery stork, Junior, along with the human friend Tulip accidentally activates the Baby Making machine to produce a baby girl. Now, keeping the baby away from the eyes of the boss is Junior’s responsibility.
Well if you notice, the trailer leaves the story of the human boy wanting a baby brother unsolved. So, how the Stork and the boy is connected is yet unknown. Chaos and humour seems to be an element that the film will focus on to tell the tale of the ancient belief of Storks delivering babies. And the trailer ends with a number of babies creating uncontrollable chaos, and at the same time leading to a paramount responsibility as cute tiny babies are at stake. From the makers of The LEGO Movie, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, Storks has been developed by Warner Bros. Animation under the Warner Animation Group banner. The film is scheduled to be released on 23 September, 2016.