Netflix releases official trailer of ‘Luke Cage season 2’

The “hero of Harlem” is all set to return for his second standalone story, almost two years after debuting, and the official trailer released gives a chilling glimpse into what’s lurking in the shadows, this time around. A popular figure in his neighbourhood, Luke Cage is once again seen battering the pulp out of burglars and criminals, while the ladies can’t┬ástop marveling at him. Until one night, Cage finally meets his match. He’s beaten down with astonishing ease and the status quo is immediately thrown into a tizzy. The antagonist we’re talking about here is the Bushmaster, who possesses similarly physical might and can also repel bullets. Just like in the comics, he appears to be an underworld crime boss and vows to go hell for leather in his quest to take down Cage. The city of Harlem is soon thrown into a tailspin as it has never come across someone as menacing as this. The Power Man’s life has never been in more danger, and all his close allies have joined him to stop the new do-badder. But just what would it take to do so? The new trailer begs the question as Cage and Bushmaster gear up for an ultimate, nerve-wracking face-off! Based on Marvel Comics, Luke Cage season 2 will premier new episodes on Netflix on 22 June 2018.