Netflix animated series beams positively across the globe

Netflix original series StarBeam has arrived on the streamer to deliver the power of positivity. Following an eight-year-old Zoey, the CG-animated StarBeam was created by Kickstart Entertainment in response to a lack of children’s content with female heroines. “StarBeam celebrates and empowers young girls onscreen,” said co-creator and executive producer Loris Kramer Lunsford. “Pint-sized Zoey may be small, but she has the power to make a difference, and when she transforms into StarBeam she’s unstoppable.” Produced by Kickstart Entertainment StarBeam‘s production team was staffed by a majority of women, non-binary individuals and people of color. Executive produced by Kickstart Entertainment co-founder Heather Puttock, Loris Kramer Lunsford and Jason Netter, the series stars Nahanni Mitchell (Gigantosaurus, The Dragon Prince), Dean Petriw (Sonic the Hedgehog, Home Before Dark) and Terry Klassen (Krypto the Superdog, Baby Looney Tunes). StarBeam season one is available on Netflix all across the globe and shows inclusive storytelling through a unique character with superpowers that include flying, strength and shooting bubbles to take down villains and save the day- every day.