Neilsen’s new feature tracks mobile games; provides in-depth statistical insights

As the world advances through the digital age, the masses are resorting more towards digital mode of entertainment which includes games and mobile games end up being a large part of it. With $34.8 billion worth of revenues in the previous year, the mobile gaming industry is soaring high. According to a Super Data Report, “today, it is the largest games platform by market share in the world.” Marketing efforts are being polished by companies in order to keep up with the growing demand of the consumers, immense competition from their contemporaries and the ever evolving sector. It was widely perceived that some mobile games reach its zenith overnight and some of the top ones collapse in a matter of few days. Thus, publishers released numerous games at the same time and then monitor their download rates to determine the best performing one and pour in support to that specific property going forward. Although, this analytical procedure is now likely to change. Neilsen’s Mobile Game Tracking (MGT) has recently shed new light on the properties to which a mobile game’s success is attributed to, and it’s not just based on the numbers of download. The group has gathered data from 1,200 mobile gamers each week, aimed on providing absolute insights about the preferences of the consumers. Be it loyalty towards the game, how much a player cares for the game, what they feel should be added and much more is likely to be researched by the group. They have recently released some of their reports of a few games like Clash Royale, Blossom Blast Saga, and Fallout Shelter in a blog post and they look pretty neat. Here is one of them: Nielsen_Game_BLossomBlast MGT will not only calculate the number of downloads, but will also try to analyse player behaviour outside the game as well and try to churn out web-analytics from the data gathered. By this move, Neilsen, the global information measurement company has entered the digital milieu of mobile gaming. Now we just have to wait and watch if MGT would really change the way a mobile game’s success story is written.