‘My Hero Academia’ will be coming on Cartoon Network’s Toonami

My Hero Academia, the popular series from the anime genre will reach a larger audience, thanks to a new broadcasting deal with Cartoon Network’s Toonami. With Funimation and Hulu both airing new sub episodes, My Hero Academia will create history in the arena of anime with its simulcast deals. The excerpt of the series goes like this: The storyline is based in a world where many people have superpowers known as quirks and there is an entire league of Pro Heroes, who operate around the globe protecting citizens from any threats. A young boy, Izuku, the biggest fan and student of the pro hero world steps in. But, he has no hope of becoming a hero as he was born without a quirk. Fate plays its role when he meets the world’s greatest Pro Hero, All Might, and learns a miraculous secret. Funimation announced on Twitter the series will air on Cartoon Network’s Toonami starting on May 5 with FLCL occupying the midnight slot with the updated summer schedule. The first episode of FLCL2 was premiered on 1 April which was received positively.