More characters revealed as the new footage hits the internet from the movie ‘Warcraft’

As the date for the Warcraft movie draws closer, Legendary is going all out to show its massive universe created for this Blizzard game turned film. The latest TV spot that came out today is no different.   The TV spot starts at an empty battlefield, and an Alliance member who gathers his shield from below as he challenges his counterpart – the Orc for an intense duel with the words ‘War is Coming’ blacking the screen out and showing a Anduin Lothar worried about the impending attack. The movie is based on the first of the three games from the Warcraft series – Warcraft: Humans vs Orcs and tells the story much before World of Warcraft takes place. The folklore according to the game goes this way – Draenor, the planet where Orcs reside is on the course of destruction, so they must find a new place to keep their clan alive. And this leads to them creating a portal between Draenor and Azeroth, the kingdom where the humans dwell. Each must fight to decide the fate for their people and their homes. The second TV spot  has a lot of scenes from the first TV spot which came out in January but reveals much more about the plight of both the Humans as well the Orcs’ side. And what can be seen is that  director Duncan Jones (Source Code and Moon fame) has not swayed to any particular side but shows the good and the bad side of both the clans; each fighting for something that’s dear to them, even showing orcs of different clans warring against each other. Another important aspect that is seen in the trailer is the small cameo by Khadgar, the mage and his wizardry Lothar and even shaman Ner’zhul who is seen when the trailer is nearing the end.
The movie was first slated to release during Christmas but was pushed as Star Wars reboot Star Wars: The Force Awakens was releasing around the same time. The movie will be the second of the game based movies coming this year which include Ratchet and Clank, The Angry Birds Movie and Assassin’s Creed. Movies based on games have had a very bad record on box-office but going by this year’s line-up of movies, people may start looking differently at these titles. The movie stars Travis Fimmel, Robert Kazinsky, Paula Patton and Toby Kebbell, Dominic Cooper, Ben Foster, Ben Schnetzer and Daniel Wu. Written by Charles Leavitt and Jones, the movie is slated to hit theatres on 10 June.