Monster Entertainment to distribute Left Pocket’s ‘Mini Mind Warriors’

Monster Entertainment is launching Mini Mind Warriors, the latest series from Left Pocket Animation Studios, produced in collaboration with Tencent. Mini Mind Warriors is aimed at children aged six to 12 and has proven to be a hit with both critics and audiences. In 2017 it was selected by MIPTV to be one of the top series pitched in the digital short form category. When it debuted on Tencent in 2018, it quickly became the site’s most viewed program, garnering an astonishing 3.2 billion views. Within China, it has since been broadcast on CCTV, Toonmax, Guangdong Jiajia and 50 other local TV and OTT platforms. It has garnered a daily viewing figure of 13 million.   Mini Mind Warriors follows the adventures of Dr. She and her two companions, Taffy and Snug, who have to deal with a group of tiny monsters that have invaded earth with the intention of messing with children’s minds to break up their friendships and prevent them from studying for tests. Monster is particularly excited to offer Mini Mind Warriors, as it is the first Chinese- produced series that they have acquired. Seasons one and two are currently available. Monster hopes to have a third and fourth season available in the near future and is also looking forward to developing this IP’s licensing and merchandising programme.