‘Molang’- A Warm Hug Of Love And Joy

When the cute, fluffy, joyful, affectionate rabbit, Molang and a shy, emotional little chick, Piu Piu set out on their daily explorations, audience have another three and a half minutes of sheer happiness. Molang, the preschool animated series is a joyous treat to watch and is melting hearts all over with the warm relation the two cute characters share. It is the brain-child of director, Marie-Caroline Villand which symbolises tenderness, softness and is the cutest anyone has ever seen. “We want to show kids that facing life in a positive way leads to happiness, as well as empathy and friendship. Molang had to be a series of happiness,” expressed Villand. Wondering how the creators keep up with the stories in this cute language? Molang entirely expresses feelings visually as the series use a made-up language. The script is written based on the visuals to be displayed and not what the character is saying in a language of their own. It’s quite a task! The scriptwriters take inspiration from everyday life situations or extraordinary adventures to make the episode all the more interesting. The unique language is so popular now, that it has a dictionary of its own. The expressions in the dialogues showcase surprise, approbation, gratitude, and the list goes on. With the daily situations adding to the storyline of every episode, there is no hint of sadness or harsh moments, which makes it apt to reach the tiny tots’ hearts. The story can be anything from sensitive, empathetic, creative to tricky but the team makes it a point to end the story on a happy note. “There are no rules except one: There are no bad guys in the world of Molang, and no hostile intentions” Villand added. The more simplified, the easier to reach the audience, and Molang does just that! The 2D illustrated animation helps to maintain the original design. The subtle way of line art makes it appealing to the kids who enjoy the show more. The cute illustrations of Molang, right from the intriguing backgrounds to the charming character sketches bind together, to make the entire scene a happy frame. Hye Ji Yoon, is the illustrator of this happiness. The cuteness has amazed and charmed not just the kids but adults too. And how could anyone not fall in love with these cute fluffballs?! With many episodes being inspired from real life and having references to old movies like Charlie Chaplin, De Funes, Laurel and Hardy, Fernandel, adults enjoy the joyous ride too. Considering the huge fan base of Molang, the cute rabbit has made its way to every household with the many accessories and toys of the character being designed. “We have various products including toy figures, plush toys, playsets, kids’ apparel and other accessories,” shared head of M&L Laurence Papon. Molang has 50 lincensees across the world including master toy Tomy in Europe and Australia, Jazwares for the American continent, publisher Scholastic in North America and publisher Flammarion in France. Molang sure is the joyous treasure Villand has given the era. With the fluffy body and an always smiling face, Piu Piu and Molang are here to stay and bring joys to many lives out there!