Minte partners with Toon Boom to expand into animation production

Minte Studio, known for creating original content for the comic book industry, has adopted the Toon Boom pipeline for its expansion into animation. Their new production pipeline consists of Harmony – the industry’s animation software used in 80 per cent of 2D animation productions worldwide, Storyboard Pro – software that combines drawing and animatic tools with camera controls, and producer – for production tracking, review, and asset management.
Minte Studio’s work on the comics ‘FRIGIEL ET FLUFFY’
Minte founder and CEO Brice Poisson says, “With Toon Boom, we will be able to build on our reputation as a major studio that provides complete transparency into its pipeline and processes – as well as provide the highest quality possible.” Founded in 2014, Minte established itself with an international clientele, experienced in producing original content for Bande Dessinée as well as concept art, colouring and storyboards. Minte’s founders are the team behind its new animation department. Creative art director Josselin Azorin-Lara has 20 years experience in comics and entertainment while Poisson has over 10 years experience as a successful entrepreneur. When asked about Toon Boom Harmony, Poisson adds, “Harmony will have the greatest impact as we extend our business to doing co-productions with international studios. Combining Harmony with Storyboard Pro and Producer gives us an integrated end-to-end pipeline that will streamline production, ensure deadlines are met and deliver consistency from start to finish.”
Minte Studio founders Josselin Azorin-Lara and Brice Poisson
Toon Boom experts are working closely with the studio to facilitate adoption of best practices and promote its growth in the industry. Toon Boom Animation co-president Francois Lalonde says, “They (Minte Studio) are committed to working with our experts to meet the highest international standards for animated content. We will be on hand to get Minte up and running and ready for the new business that is coming their way.”