‘Mighty Mike’ to launch on DHX Media’s family channel

A co-production of Montreal-based Digital Dimension and French studio TeamTO has launched Mighty Mike on DHX Media’s family channel in Canada. The series will premiere globally on Boomerang beginning in March before launching with France Télévisions and Germany’s Super RTL in September. Mighty Mike (78 x 7 minute) primarily aimed at six to 10 year olds is a CG animated comedy. The series stars Mike, a pug with energy and sophisticated tastes who is in love with the neighbour’s dog, Iris. According to Animation Magazine, producer Virginie Lavallée said, “It’s incredible to think it all started from a dancing pug animation test here at Digital Dimension. We’re really happy that it created an international co-production opportunity and that it let local talent shine all around the world!” CAKE Entertainment is handling worldwide distribution (excluding France, Germany and China) for the series, which is co-produced with Canada’s Digital Dimension. TeamTO is in talks with a number of licensing agents in North America, Europe and Asia for the property. Mighty Mike is the first production of Digital Dimension’s to air on CBC’s French language network.