Mighty Little Bheem tops Netflix’s ‘What We Watched in 2019’ list in the US

The tiny Bheem only gets mightier with time! After Netflix assented the third series of this Indian animated original from India, last week, Green Gold Animation, the makers of this sensational character, took to their social media platforms to reveal that Mighty Little Bheem was one of the most popular shows Netflix US in 2019! 
Recalling the creative days, Green Gold Animation founder and CEO Rajiv Chilaka told AnimationXpress, “It was a great experience working with Netflix. When we got this show, I was scared because we have to match international standards, and we were representing Indian animation. We were a 2D studio venturing into 3D a few years ago. We knew that Mighty Little Bheem was India’s first animated original and if it did well, it’ll be great for the entire industry. So it was challenging for us, to getting the quality work at par with international level, we are very proud of it.” Mighty Little Bheem is a preschool spin-off based on the much loved kids animated franchise Chhota Bheem. Launched in April (first season) and on 30 August (second season), it soon went on to become the first Indian animated show become a global hit. It has taken the standard of Indian animation at par with its international counterparts, and has also become the second most popular original kids programme to be launched on the platform.
Mighty Little Bheem
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently revealed at HT Leadership Summit 2019, “People like babies in many countries and Mighty Little Bheem has been viewed by 27 million households outside India. Baby Bheem is going strong.” He went on to add that Netflix is eyeing to expand its slate and market in India by investing 400 million in Indian original content . Well, now it’s time to see if Indian content continues to turn out to be as mighty as our beloved Bheem in the days to come!