Middle East’s animated film ‘Bilal’ encourages one to be courageous

The upcoming animated feature film Bilal which has emerged as a victorious story from the Middle East has revealed its second trailer. The story of a young African boy from the Arabian region, who seems to be passionately rebellious, aims to trigger the ‘Hero’ in you and reveal the strength of a true fighter. And, Bilal is not like any another story of a warrior! It is a true story; not of a warrior but of a slave! Inspired by the real-life account of Bilal Ibn Rabah, an African slave around 1400 years ago, this film touches the cultural and emotional sentiments of no particular religion but humanity overall. Middle East is known to be a treasure house and from this treasure a jewel called Barajoun Entertainment, the leading animation and VFX studio, has emanated to stand out from the rest. With an aim not just to create a documentary but to re-imagine, re-create and illustrate a story that caters to the audience across the globe, the studio struggled through eight years of research with a team of professionals from across regions to make the story as close to reality. The trailer begins with a question- ‘What do you want to become when you grow up?’ And this question is not just for Bilal but for each one of us; for each of us has a purpose in life, a mission for which we are sent on Earth. It then follows with an answer to a dilemma that we all possess- an urge to become great, a desire to do something exemplary. And, the protagonist’s mother displays the solution in a subtle way conveying the true essence of a great man which is above all the physical aspects. Further, it solves the greatest predicament that we face by portraying- ‘True strength is in the mind and not in the weapon’. Often, we try to exhibit our power by the external sources that we possess and demoralise the sole power of the mind. We neglect the fact that the mind can control anything in this universe beginning with our own self. Bilal3 ‘It is only when you aim higher that you can conquer higher’ stands true as Bilal inspires to reach for the stars with nothing but the sole purpose in mind. The young protagonist stands out alone yet courageous against oppression and possibly war coming his way. But, ‘If the cause is good you need to take a stand, no matter even if you are alone’. This true tale expounds a journey about slavery, discrimination, rebellion, emotional and personal struggle for fulfillment of victory. The neat 3D animation brings alive the vast desert and the traditional infrastructure of the MENA region. The detailing on the characters like Bilal, his mother and sister portray the cultural aspects in every inch of look right from ornaments, costumes, overall make up and appearance. And, the splendid scene of the horse mesmerises as it claims victory, war, rage or probably just ‘Courage’. ‘Witness the birth of Courage as one boy changes everything’ concludes the trailer creating a wait for the film which is supposed to release in 2016. Bilal is more than just a film, it is more than just a story. It is a feeling of emancipation from your own comfort zone for a higher purpose. It instills the courage to not only raise voice against oppression but emerge victorious and fight for your right, for your happiness.