Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ official trailer teases a new generation of saviour

It’s not a common sight to watch kids being pitted against their own parents. The usual lousy, argy-bargies aside, have you ever seen a fierce match-up between two generations of a family? Brace yourselves, ‘cause the unimaginable is about to happen! Marvel’s new web series Runaways will see a group of six teenagers trying to throw a spanner in the evil machinations of their parents, who are collectively termed as ‘The Pride’. Whilst there isn’t any pride in seeing one’s parents hatch a sinister plot, the young adults choose to do what’s right – protect the city; even if it means inadvertently going up against their loved ones. The official trailer released by Marvel Entertainment gives a glimpse of how the teens from different backgrounds come together after witnessing the shocking reality of their parents. Their lives soon take a nasty turn as strange events transpire wherein they discover some ugly truths, confront deadly villains, and also a hideous monster lurking in the dark. With Marvel still reeling from the catastrophe of Inhumans, the Runaways look like a relief valve, with an unconventional bunch of protagonists and an interesting narrative cooking a strong build-up in days leading to its premiere. The series readies for its launch after a production farrago that went on for years, and the maiden season would comprise of 10 episodes. Based on Runaways comic by Brian Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, Marvel’s new in the line of web series Runaways will premier on Hulu on 21 November 2017.