Marvel vs DC in comics: Who copied whom?

Marvel and DC have been around for a very long time. They are better known as the Yin and Yang or the Godly brothers of the comic era. These giants have spawned several characters for comics, cinema and animated movies. However, sometimes the characters from each respectable universe share a striking resemblance to their counterpart. Here we list 10 characters from DC and Marvel, both superheroes and villains and also take a dekko at which character came first. Deadpool and Deathstroke
Deadpool and Deathstroke
Both characters have similar fighting styles and weapons that range from guns, swords and both can heal themselves quicker than an average human. They also share similar names, Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson. The DC character came out in 1980 whereas the Marvel character came out in 1991. Deathstroke is the original and Deadpool is possibly inspired by him! Namor the Sub-Mariner and Aquaman
Namor and Aquaman
The Kings of Atlantis, sea creatures and mighty heroes of their respectable universes, they both share similar origin stories of being born from a human father and a princess from a sea kingdom. Though the costumes differ, they both hold a trident. In this case though, the Marvel character Namor came out in early 1939 and DC’s Aquaman came out in 1941. Therefore Namor is the clear winner in this case. Thanos and Darksied Thanos and Darksied have god-like powers which make them almost invulnerable. And not only that, the evil duo also possess high intellect, mind control/telepathy, super-strength and many more frightening traits. The only major difference is the colour of their skin and the armour that Thanos wears. The question here is, who came first? The answer is Darksied in 1971, where as Thanos came out in 1973. Catwoman and Black Cat The greatest feminine felines of the comic world that are both antihero and heroes in their own universes, these women are cat themed thieves wearing a black latex costumes. Selena Kyle and Felicia Hardy tend to become romantic partners to their own frenemies. Catwoman made her debut in 1940 and Black Cat came out in 1979. Clearly, Catwoman is the winner. Spider-Man and Black Spider The web swinging hero has been a fan favourite in every movie or game created. This young teenager is always shown shuffling between saving his city and pursuing his love interest. But did you know that there were two teen spiders with similar stories? Spider-man takes first place, since he was introduced in 1962, whilst Black Spider made his debut in 1976.