Marvel to culminate ‘Old Man Logan’ with its 50th issue

The beloved Old Man Logan will see its last in October. It’s time in the Marvel Universe has come to an end. The solicitations from Marvel Comics revealed that the series will end with its 50th issue. Written by Ed Brisson with art by Ibraim Roberson, Old Man Logan #49 and Old Man Logan #50 will ship in October. The solicitations informed that the final story will probably revolve around the protagonists’ rivalry with the Maestro, another castaway from the multiverse which was established in the first story of the series by Brisson. Inspired by original Old Man Logan story by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven that was seen in the pages of Wolverine in 2009. Old Man Logan launched out of Secret Wars event, spinning off to the mini-series written by Brian Michael Bendis with artist Andrea Sorrentino, who was the primary artist on the ongoing series, when it launched. The cover shows Logan surrounded by many of the characters who played a part in his series, including Bullseye, Elektra, Laura Kinney and her cloned sister Gabby, Old Man Hawkeye, Storm, Jubilee and many more. This wouldn’t be the first time Marvel will kill the character off. Logan motion picture concluded with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine passing away. Get hold of the comics this October, for we will be missing Logan later!