Marvel release a video tutorial on the popular ‘Black Panther’ character Shuri

Marvel’s Black Panther has debuted to a rapturous reception from the audience world over, and has its cup runneth over with wide-spread acclaims; for ranging from the pristine Wakanda and its African traditions, to its unique story and the acting talent on show. But the one character from the movie that the viewers especially adored was that of T’Challa’s impish little sister Shuri, played by a 16-year old Letitia Wright. Not only was the princess of Wakanda a source of comedic humour, but also intellectual amazement with her scientific inventions. The climax of the movie also showed the mean and gritty side of her, but Marvel has taken the initiative to accustom its fans about the character a little more, and in regards released a short clip that conveys certain unknown (and unexplored in the movie) facts and characteristics about her. The latest roll-out of Marvel 101 series, a “crash-course” about all the characters from the comic book franchise, the video asserts Shuri’s upbringing and her impressive fighting prowess whilst also highlighting her technical wizardry. Letitia Wright’s charm left us besotted with the character, and here’s something more about her to binge on!