Marvel might reveal ‘Captain Marvel’ trailer this week

The much-awaited Captain Marvel trailer is likely to be unveiled soon. After a super successful 2018, Marvel’s first outing of 2019 will find Carol Danvers finally take center stage, becoming the first female superhero to headline a solo film in the MCU. Excitement is piling up surrounding the project, as fans can’t wait to get a glimpse at what directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck have in store. Marvel’s Kevin Feige indicated the first Captain Marvel trailer would debut at some point in the fall, in summer. With the recent revelation that star Brie Larson will appear on ABC’s Good Morning America on Tuesday, 18 September, chances are that the trailer might possibly come out then.
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel has been in post-production for only a couple of months and it wrapped filming on the same day Ant-Man and the Wasp opened in theaters. Since this is also going to be heavy on special effects, the creative team probably wants to take as much time as they can to fine-tune the CGI before sharing it with the fans. While there’s still plenty of work left to do before final picture, there should be enough finished footage to put together a short teaser. It also makes sense to time the trailer release with the premiere of Venom, which opens in a few weeks.  If the Infinity War marketing campaign is anything to go by, Marvel will probably begin revving up the hype for Avengers 4 around November, with a title announcement and first trailer. It’s a good idea to give Captain Marvel some time to itself before the epic team-up takes the spotlight for a while. It has been a long wait for Captain Marvel, but now that all of Marvel’s 2018 films are out, they can finally turn their attention to what’s next. Captain Marvel is slated to release on 8 March 2019.