Marvel legend Stan Lee makes yet another cameo, this time in ‘The Defenders’

Stan Lee
The highly anticipated superhero squad The Defenders debuted on Netflix on 18 August 2017, and suffice to say, it has taken the Marvel fanbase by storm. Whilst the latest entrant in the Netflix roster steals the thunder from everything else, it has simultaneously created a lot of buzz around the multitude of Easter eggs that it has dropped for everyone to take notice. One such case and also a significant one, was a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo by the one and only Stan Lee. The 94 year old comic legend has made numerous appearances in Marvel films and series and lately he was spotted in yet another poster hanging by the roadside. In episode three of The Defenders as Matt Murdock chases his new “client” Jessica Jones, there’s a shot involving a close-up of the Daredevil alter ego. However, a cursory glance on the top right corner depicts an uber-smiling face of Lee, who continues to inconspicuously appear on camera. The moment comes as a welcome treat to the fans who are reminded of Lee’s indelible presence in a Marvel universe he himself created.