Marvel introduces Old Man Punisher in ‘Old Man Logan Annual #1’

Marvel has introduced Old Man Punisher in Old Man Logan Annual #1 where Punisher is going share the space beside Logan aka Wolverine. After dystopian treatments of Wolverine and Hawk-Eye over the years, Marvel Comics has introduced “Old Man” version of another popular character, Frank Castle. Punisher would probably follow the trail of both Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawk-Eye which have shown readers how these characters survive in a wasteland where all other heroes are dead and they alone have to stand up against its odds. In the new Old Man Logan Annual issue, the readers will find themselves going back to the wasteland with Logan as he confronts his past that accidentally paved the way for a group called The Punishers. They are ruthless and barbaric unlike Castle, whom Logan comes face to face with while confronting The Punishers. Frank reveals some dark secrets to Logan and together they embark on a mission to free the captives and lay waste to the gang of mercenaries. Old Man Logan Annual #1 is presently available online and at local comic shops.