Marvel fanatic, Tony Goldmark shares all MCU scenes in chronological order; goes viral

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everybody to be homebound. And a Marvel fan has utilised his quarantine to make a list of every MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) scene till date, arranged in chronological order. He, Tony Goldmark, then took to Twitter to share it on 27 May, which went viral in no time. 

The Marvel Fan also mentioned that he has not included ABC or Netflix TV shows, shorts or any deleted scenes of this chronology. Instead, he only counted flashbacks. “Obviously, this only covers the 23 MCU movies so far. No ABC or Netflix TV shows, no shorts, no deleted scenes. I only counted flashbacks when they could be easily isolated from their respective film’s ‘present’,” he mentioned. He shared a numbered list of all the scenes with their start and end time in his Tweet.

“There are a few instances where I allowed the movies some creative editing license (like the sequence in Thor: The Dark World when it keeps cutting back-and-forth, heist movie-style, between Thor planning with the Warriors Three, and them executing that plan)… And admittedly a LOT of this is just my own personal headcanon conjecture, but I’ve double- and triple-checked my work here and to my knowledge, none of this is contradictory. Enjoy, people as insane as me!,” he further added.