Marvel confirms no new comic releases next week

Marvel Comics spokesperson has confirmed that the company will not release any new comics in print or digital for the week of 27 April.┬áThe spread of the covid-19 coronavirus has had major effects on the comic book industry, many of which we may not know about in full for some time. It’s unclear when Marvel will resume publication on titles that had previously been solicited, or even when comics that were being worked on for publication later in the year will be released. But surely, no Marvel books will be released digitally in lieu of being released in stores. The shutdown of the comic book Direct Market’s leading distributor in late March has led to a near-complete shutdown of new comic books from Marvel, DC, Image, and others to comic book stores. DC has continued shipping new OGNs and collections out to retailers in its booktrade channel, and has continued and expanded even their output of digital comics. To date, no other comic book publisher have announced their intention to begin using the new service.