Marvel Comics and Riot Games team up to explore the ‘League of Legends’ origin story in a graphic novel

The wait is over! League of Legends, one of the most legendary strategy games, is soon going to be unveiled in the graphic novel format, co-created by Riot Games and Marvel Comics in a rare collaboration. Titled, League of Legends: Ashe: Warmother, the graphic novel will explore the Iceberg warrior champion Ashe’s past as she resolves to meet her mother’s expectations as well as fulfill her duty as the leader of her people in the world of Runeterra. The story will reimagine the league champions with a deeper and compassionate storyline than what the surface in-game catchphrases could capture. Written by Riot’s senior narrative designer and writer Odin Austin Shafer who has previously worked on comic scripts and champion creation, Ashe: Warmother takes place in the icy-cold region of Freljord. As of yet, there is no information on which League of Legends characters are set to follow Ashe, but there is a high likelihood that Riot Games will offer more nuggets of insight on what can fans expect soon. The graphic novel is slated for release in the month of May 2019.