Marvel Comics’ ‘Immortal Hulk’ character Dr. Charlene McGowan comes out as a trans person

Charlene McGowan
A character in Marvel Comics’ Immortal Hulk series has unveiled herself to be a trans person. Dr Charlene McGowan, a relatively new character in the series, revealed her gender identity in the comics only to people she knows well. McGowan tells Doc Samson in issue 32 that she is a trans woman, explaining that she spent a lot of time questioning her own gender identity before she transitioned. In the comic strip, she tells Doc Samson: “You know I’m trans, right?”… I don’t really bring this up with people I don’t know well.” This instance clearly states that Marvel’s comics are more inclusive than its films. Obviously, this is not the first time Marvel has introduced an LGBT+ character in their comics, but its efforts at promoting diversity in its stories have sometimes backfired too. Marvel recently faced a lot of criticisms and backlashes for its first non-binary superhero, Snowflake, a Black character who has a twin brother called Safespace. Snowflake’s superpower is generating snowflakes shurikens. Marvel also announced that Snowflake is blue-themed – blue hair, blue eyes, blue outfit – while Safespace is pink-themed. Bashing the names, a Twitter user wrote: “They sound like the kind of names you’d expect a writer who’s trying to make fun of non-binary people would give their characters.”