Marvel brings ‘Spider-Man PS4’ to comics with a new series

Insomniac games’ Spider-Man PS4 is set to join the comic-verse as the game is going to feature in the upcoming crossover event, Spidergeddon. Spidergeddon, Peter Parker’s latest console adventure, will include different versions of the Marvel superhero, such as Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales, alongside his white spider-emblem, as reported by Polygon.  Serving as a spiritual successor to 2014’s Spider-Verse, Marvel is suiting up various versions of the iconic superhero in their own storyline on Earth-616 and attempting to take things a step further. The story will follow all the superheroes teaming up to battle a mysterious foe. Spidergeddon will be penned by Spider-Man game writer Christos Gage and include artwork from Clayton Crain (Ghost Rider, Carnage). Although Spidergeddon is set after the events of the PS4 exclusive, Gage told Polygon that the comics won’t include spoilers from the game. Although this version of Peter Parker may be new to the world of Marvel, it sounds like he will be making his mark early on.“We’ll try to avoid huge spoilers for anyone who may read the comic before finishing the game,” Gage said. Marvel Games executive creative director Bill Rosemann hyped the event and said it is the perfect way to continue the story of the game. He quoted “While making the game we poured through hundreds of Spidey’s comics, which inspired our take on his many famous friends, foes, costumes and moments. For the creative process to come full circle and see our version of the characters now appear in the web-slinger’s latest comic book saga is a dream come true for these True Believers.” Besides this, readers can also enjoy a stunning set of variant covers from Insomniac artists Dennis Chan, Daryl Mandryk, Eve Ventrue and Sing Ji, and Marvel Games Art Director Tim Tsang. The five variants will appear on The Amazing Spider-Man Annual, The Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Spidergeddon, and West Coast Avengers. Those who have been paying attention to Insomniac’s game will spot redesigned villains like Shocker and Mister Negative. Spider-Man PS4 which has already created a stir with the inclusion of Easter eggs alluding to Daredevil, Iron Man, and even an appearance of the Avengers Tower in some new gameplay footage, anticipates working with Marvel will expanded their gaming universe based on these heroes, while a comic book continuation teases the possibilities even more. Either way, both Insomniac and Marvel are working closely together to make sure that Spider-Man is one of the most important superhero video games in living memory. The much-awaited Spidergeddon#0 is slated to go on sale from 26 September while Spider-Man PS4 will swing onto the PlayStation4 on 7 September.