Marvel brings back a major X-Men character

X-Men now live on the island nation of Krakoa, a sovereign nation separated from humanity. Thanks to the powers of the five and the technology of Cerebro, they’ve virtually erased death from their culture.

However a surprise attack launched by enemies of mutant-kind nearly brought the entire Krakoa experiment to an end. X-Force #3 reveals that all the worry was for naught.
Professor X  (credits Marvel)
The fail safe in place worked, and the new golden age of mutants will be brought alive. In X-Force #1, a group of Reavers attacked Krakoa. Courtesy of the luck manufactured by grafting Domino’s skin to their bodies, the Reavers were successful in assassinating Professor X. This was a problem for the X-Men. Professor X’s ability to use Cerebro is the conjunction to the resurrection protocols. By using Cerebro, he stores backup consciousnesses of all mutants on earth. Then, after the five create a new body, Professor X mentally uploads the memories of the resurrected mutant, restoring them as they were. However with Professor X gone, and his Cerebro helmet broken, the future of that resurrection process was in tatters. Backup Cerebro helmets were kept cloistered away for Marvel Girl to use to try to bring Professor X back, but there was no guarantee that the process would work. In X-Force #3, the process does indeed go well. Professor X is again among the living. Now that he’s come on board, Professor X is less optimistic about the relations between humans and mutants than ever before. As such, he officially forms X-Force to conduct off-the-books operations to keep mutants safe.