The Amalgam universe from the eyes of Marvel and DC

There have been clashes between characters in the past but never a fusion, which is why this gave a distinct taste and view to the whole spectrum. The only other memorable moment was in 1976 where the man of steel Superman faced off against the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Yes, you know what I am saying. Initially there were conflicts between Marvel and DC. The respective characters destroyed the character as well as its rival universe. To end the rivalry the Living Tribunal and Spectre joined hands and combined the two universes together, creating the Amalgam Universe. The two comic book companies met for the first time and were referred as ‘The Brothers’ since then. Though they still compete against each other, both in the films and comics, with this new Amalgam universe they are able to get along with each other. The first set of 12 comic books were released in 1996 and then the second set of 12 books was released shortly after that. There are around 24 comic books that have been printed, with hilarious fusions like Captain America and superman fuse to become ‘super-soldier’. The creators of the Amalgam universe pairs heroes with each other based on their personalities more than their skills and this makes it more unique. For example Batman was paired with Wolverine to become ‘dark claw’. The level of design put in for creating these new characters with a new story line is amazing. The stories are a mixture of both characters and can sound confusing when read and at other times awkward because they can have a mixed up tale. One of the comic books released was Bruce Wayne Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D which is a fusion of Bruce Wayne and Nick Fury the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. For hardcore comic fans of DC and Marvel, this may come as a shock; however the comic books have gained popularity. Since it’s a fusion of the two comic book giants, the costumes of the characters are designed to reflect the individual style of the superheroes. The character Dark Claw wears a costume displaying key elements that are seen on both individuals like the cape, the adamantium claws, the utility belt and the mask is a combination of both the characters. The fusion covers all aspects which includes teams like The Fantastic Four, The Justice League and fictional locations have been fused like Gotham, Metropolis and so on. As a part of the agreement and partnership, Marvel is allowed to mention their character first and then follows the name of the DC character. (This article has been contributed by our reporter Rohan Rodrigues)