Marketers must understand esports franchises: Newzoo White Paper for Esports Bar Miami

Here is a thought for all marketers. “Understand the differences between e-sports franchises if you want to roll out a successful campaign.” That is the message from a newly-published report by games, esports and mobile intelligence specialists Newzoo. The exclusive White Paper,‘What Esports Brand Suits Yours Best,’ is commissioned by Esports BAR Miami. The new esports business arena is scheduled to take place between 18 to 20 September, 2017. “There is no such thing as reaching the e-sports enthusiast. Every franchise has its own community of players and viewers and no single game reaches them all,” says Newzoo senior market analyst Jurre Pannekeet. “Just as with traditional sports,esports games are popular with different people in different regions.Understanding and addressing the differences between franchises is a key element of a successful marketing campaign,” he adds. Among the findings of the Newzoo report are: Five franchises (League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone and Overwatch) accounted for 85 per cent of all esports hours watched on Twitch in May 2017. 70 per cent of esports viewers watch content from just one of the top three franchises (LoL, CS:GO, and Dota 2) League of Legends viewers are the least likely to watch other games. 89 per cent of LoL esports viewers have a positive attitude towards Nike. 85 per cent of CS:GO have a positive attitude towards Coca-Cola. Hearthstone has the most female esports viewers of the five biggest franchises 93 per cent of LoL esports viewers use Facebook, while 79 per cent of Dota 2 viewers use WhatsApp. The world’s largest gaming company, Tencent, plans to invest $15 billion in the esports ecosystem over the next five years. “This Newzoo report is aimed at preparing the way for debate on how marketeers can best access the millions of esports fans.This is going to be a crucial discussion at Esports BAR Miami in September,” enthuses Esports BAR Miami development director Stephane Gambetta. Esports BAR Miami is a ‘by invitation only’ event designed to bring together some 100 leaders from esports teams, leagues and tournaments, game publishers, brands, advertising agencies and related television and online platforms. In addition to the business insights, conference sessions and networking events, the heart of Esports BAR Miami is its unique one to one summit which guarantees delegates a full schedule of pre-selected meetings with the fellow delegates they most want to see.