Makuta celebrates its 10th anniversary

Recently, Hyderabad-based Makuta VFX, one of India’s most prominent studios, completed 10 years of its existence. Having been at the forefront of the Indian VFX scene, Makuta has serviced a spate of projects over the course of a decade in cinema. Having won National Awards for their work in Magadheera and Eega, Makuta VFX is also one of the principal VFX companies behind the visual magic in India’s most expensive set of movies; Bahubali saga — which had the world swooning over it.
— Makuta is a fully-fledged visual effects facility covering a full gamut of requirements from active on-set visual effects supervision through to immersive digital set extension, digital matte painting, high-end feature animation and effects work, clean-up, motion tracking and final compositing.

Let’s have a look at their sizzle reel celebrating some of the past prestigious projects
They shared, “We are beyond thrilled to be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Makuta Visual Effects. We are incredibly proud of what we have built, for what is still to come and for the support from our friends, family and most importantly artists for all these years. Here’s looking forward to a great future, albeit from a socially distant perspective at the moment!” We wish them heartiest congratulations on their 10th anniversary and hope to see more groundbreaking work adorning the Indian cinema in future.