Madras Games’ ‘Samosa’ is a visual delicacy to watch out for

A new indie studio Madras Games is out with its first game titled ‘Samosa’, a side scrolling runner game featuring ‘Sam’ the lead character and his Samosa (another word for an autorickshaw). Targeting the audiences across the platforms, the game is coming out on handheld platforms (Android, iOS) and also on the desktop devices (PC, Mac and Linux). The game is out for beta testing on TestFlight. Speaking to the founder of Madras Games, Arvind Kumar Manisekaran said: “We wanted to make the game with an Indian theme and make the game look really visually appealing.” And it certainly has turned out to be a beautiful game with the black silhouette character and his combat vehicle out there to take revenge against the bad world. The environment looks impressive with the grey background complimenting the black silhouettes perfectly.
The game is divided into two modes the single player story mode and an endless mode. The single player has you covering a certain distance during the different levels of City, Town, Ocean and Forest. The endless runner goes on relentlessly till your Samosa drops health (though fuel makes more sense). Equipped with different combinations of weapons through different levels, Sam fights the evil world. The game was developed in Unity 3d engine with five months of development time. A team of five individuals has done a great job when you consider the initial test game was ready in five months. The team consists of Arvind (Lead Developer/Founder), Ninjin (Creative Director), Najil (Animator), Sabrinathan (Game Programmer) and Tibu (Music/Sfx). Wanting to launch the game on a global platform, Madras Games is investing on the translations and is translating the game in international languages such as French, Japanese, German, Korean and many more languages. The game is on Steam right now for the Greenlight voting and according to the Arvind, “The game will be made available for Premium on the desktop devices and talks are on with various publishers to publish the game on the Android and iOS platforms.” The game looks promising with the testing currently on to remove the bugs (if any) from the game. will keep you posted on the latest from the game and many such more interesting projects in the coming months.