Mace Windu: The battle of the peaceful Jedi continues in Star Wars issue four

The hack and slash, lightsaber attacks continue as Star Wars is back with another action-packed comic. This time, the battle is set during clone protocol order 66, where the Jedi are still scattered across the universe. Marvel comic continues a fan favourite Mace Windu issue #four out five. This purple-bladed, lightsaber-wielding Jedi goes solo in his own series. The Master Jedi takes the fight to enemy leading a small battalion to war; the cover speculates a fight with another Jedi with a green Lightsaber. Written by Matthew Owens, illustrated by Denys Cowan and cover art by Jesus Saiz, Star Wars Mace Windu: Jedi of the Republic will make its debut onĀ 29 November 2017. Also, a surprise awaits the Star Wars aficionados in finding out who the other Jedi is that Windu is fighting against.