Love is in the air in ‘How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World’ official trailer

The How to Train Your Dragon franchise has become a sensation ever since it first debuted its maiden feature in 2010. Plenty of short films, animated cartoon series, animated Netflix series and also a plethora of video games followed thereafter. And amid all the frenzy, there also came a sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2. Now prolonging the epic franchise is the third installment of its feature film, The Hidden World. Even though the theatrical release is still several months away, DreamWorks Animation are attempting to reignite curiosity with the release of its official trailer. Having successfully established a peaceful and harmonious dragon utopia, Hiccups finds his best friend Toothless getting besotted by an untamed white female dragon that threatens to drift him away from Hiccups. However, the latter could be seen turning into a dating coach to help his friend strike a bond with her. As plain sailing as it may all seem, it isn’t when a murderous dragon-hunter emerges and abducts her in a cage. Soon danger looms large upon the dragons inhibiting in the village, and the onus shifts on Hiccups and Toothless to only rescue the village, but also safeguard the dragon kind. As we’ve bore witness to in the past, the latest movie of the franchise too is bustling with enchanting colours, while the prolific animation promises yet another visual extravaganza. A Universal Pictures distribution, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World opens its gates on 1 March 2019.