‘Little Singham Aur Kaal Ka Mahajaal’, an addition to the ‘Little Singham’ franchise

Discovery Kids, which is riding on the success of Little Singham is on the verge of increasing its entertainment quotient this summer. It will bring to screen, Little Singham Aur Kaal Ka Mahajaal. Discovery Kids in collaboration with Rohit Shetty Picturez and Reliance Animation, launched Little Singham, which connected with the younger audience in the country immediately. The Little Singham franchise is on a rise, with its debut film trailer already garnering around three million organic views on YouTube. Join the youngest Indian cop as he fights the threats in Mirchi Nagar and keeps the audience in awe for good 60 minutes. The biggest battle between good and evil will be visible in the animated action-adventure tele-feature, Little Singham Aur Kaal Ka Mahajaal. The synopsis of the tele-feature goes like this: The formidable demon Kaal Rakhas is trying to take over Mirchi Nagar with his Orc Army, and only Little Singham is strong enough to stop him and save his town & its people from this destruction. The only way Little Singham can do this is by acquiring three trinity stones from three places including Kerela, Rajasthan and Gujarat; and using their power to imprison Kaal Rakshas! Grab your bowl of popcorn and watch Little Singham go on adventures with his friends Babli, Lattu and Chiki on 2 June on Discovery Kids at 1.30 pm and 5.30 pm.