Leaked: ‘Ratchet & Clank’ to launch on PS5

Ratchet & Clank game is currently in development for the PS5 according to the recent leak from the former IGN editor Colin Moriarty on a recent episode of his podcast. “We’re going to get a Ratchet & Clank in-between [Marvel’s Spider-Man and its sequel, also developed by Insomniac Games] on PlayStation 5. I feel like that’s going to be a launch game, the Ratchet & Clank game that’s long been in development at Insomniac,” said Moriarty on episode 26 of his podcast. As ComicBook.com notes, this isn’t the first time Moriarty has alluded to an unannounced Ratchet & Clank game. Last April he also said that Insomniac was working on a new game in the action platformer series, but believed that the game would be released on PS4. If it does turn out to be a PS5 launch title, there’s a chance it could be a cross-generation game that releases on both PS4 and PS5, similar to Call of Duty: Ghosts in 2013. Although the Ratchet & Clank series was one of the tentpoles of the PlayStation 2 era, Insomniac has shifted its focus away from the lombax and his robot companion. Following the release of Into the Nexus in 2013, the series went dark for a few years until a remade version of the first game was released for the PS4 in 2016. That was the last we heard from the series, but it’s entirely possible that a new title has been in the works in the year and a half since Marvel’s Spider-Man came out.  The upcoming game is seemingly a bit of a mish-mash of beloved genres, and essentially looks like a fantasy role-playing game with third-person melee combat.Where a player can  can play it solo, duo or three-player co-op.In a statement,Gearbox Publishing president Steve Gibson said: “We’re thrilled at Gearbox to have been chosen by Counterplay Games to bring their creative vision of Godfall to gamers on the PlayStation 5 and PC.”