Laurel and Hardy will be returning to comics

American Mythology Comics is bringing Laurel and Hardy’s shenanigans back to their fans. The publisher plans to celebrate and pay tribute to Stan and Ollie’s legacy by bringing the new stories to fans. The publisher is producing a new series and reprinting the tales with writers S.A. Check (The Three Stooges, Casper, Legend Gary), and Jordan Gershowitz (Tom and Jerry, Danger Mouse, Sesame Street). Art for the new series will be created by veteran comic artist, Jorge Pacheco (Rocky & Bullwinkle, Pink Panther, Looney Tunes).  Pacheco is well-versed with illustrating the comedy duo, having already done so over thirty years ago when Stan and Ollie last saw the panelled pages of comics. Both new stories will centre on honouring the tone and feel of the original skits made famous by the comedians. In a statement, Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation VP Marci Breth said, “With the current international release of our new Laurel and Hardy feature film, Stan & Ollie, the timing is perfect to reintroduce Laurel and Hardy comics to new generations of Laurel & Hardy fans, as well as of course to the millions of existing fans around the world.” The classic duo, Laurel and Hardy will be returning to comics in April.