Lattu Kids collaborate with Xiaomi’s Mi TV to reach three million+ new potential consumers

Lattu Kids has inked a market and content partnership deal with Xiaomi’s Mi TV. With this deal, Lattu Kids will reach an additional three million new potential consumers and Smart TV homes across India At Lattu Kids, we believe in breaking barriers for our consumers, no matter what it takes and winning with category leading ecosystem partners like Xiaomi. All Mi TV users existing and new buyers of Mi TV will get access to Lattu Kids content via patchwall,” shared Lattu Kids co-founder and CEO Vivek Bhutyani. Lattu Kids is a mission driven company based out of India with a strong founding team and great ambitions. Its vision is to be integral to every preschoolers developmental journey through edutainment in early years.  Under this deal, Lattu Kids will have few specific content available only for the Mi TV users, as Bhutyani revealed. “The Lattu Kids app has a layer of video content and a layer of gamification within the video player that enables learning algorithms for kids. We are starting first with videos only models for Mi TV users and eventually we would bring interactivity on TV, so kids can learn by watching videos and by answering questions related to various topics.”
Vivek Bhutyani
Lattu Kids have had important partnerships with category leaders across India, like Ola Cabs in the past, we were the first kids dedicated app within Ola Play and we are in the top three most consumed content across all categories in Ola Cars connected platform. Xiaomi reached out to us for this partnership, as they want to create an impact in the kids genre. That’s the missing piece that we are filling for them via this partnership. With Mi TV leading the Smart TV market share in India, Lattu kids would be at the front of all family audiences who are aspirational and serious about their children’s education and growth. All Mi TV users will have access to more than 100 topics from preschool curriculum and multilingual learning animation videos. For Lattu Kids this is enabling access to new consumers, for Xiaomi its creating stickiness on their platform via top class engaging content that kids and mothers love,” informed Bhutyani. Lattu Kids has garnered 280 million+ total views and over eight lacs subscribers on YouTube.