Latest ‘Venom’ trailer shows Hardy’s much-anticipated symbiote avatar!

Around two months after getting a glimpse into Tom Hardy-starrer Venom, Sony Pictures Entertainment dropped a brand new teaser and we finally get to see him in his anti-hero outfit! An extended sneak-peek of the movie takes us through visions of the symbiote getting into the hands of antagonist Cralton Drake (Riz Ahmed), before it bursts open and spreads terror among the people it comes in contact with. Including Hardy’s character Eddie Brock. The symbiote is initially a specimen of experiment to understand its interaction with the human body and how it is the key to the evolution. But things go awry soon and Brock is infected by the extra-terrestrial organisms. This makes him go rogue, and indulge in death-defying stunts and deadly encounters. The clip finally gives its anxious fans the look they were all waiting for – Hardy as the Venom, and mind you, it’s spine-chillingly terrifying! Even Topher Grace, who previously played Venom in Spider-Man 3, would be proud. Double Negative is to be credited for the VFX, supervised by Andy Lockley. Paul Franklin is the production VFX supervisor. Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom spews its terror from 5 October 2018 onwards.