Laika’s ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ new trailer is magically mysterious

From stop motion animation to storytelling, Laika has focused on the art of creativity in both these aspects in its upcoming animated feature film Kubo and the Two Strings. And this effort of the animation studio, Laika, is witnessed in the trailer recently released by the distributor Focus Features. Introduction of the character, revelation of the plot, unraveling of the mysteries, crossover of different worlds, magical backgrounds and among all this- a truly captivating emotional quest is what the film is all about according to the trailer. Starting at a frantic pace, the trailer slowly gets into the introduction of the young protagonist boy named Kubo, voiced by Game of Thrones actor Art Parkinson, and his ailing mother. Possessing a unique magical instrument called the Shamisen, the young fellow sets out on his quest to find out and reintegrate the loose ends of his own life and his father. Realisation strikes Kubo as his magical stories turn into reality with evil spirit like enemies chasing his life. Then, the new character, the monkey voiced by Charlize Theron, is wisely introduced through an abrupt encounter. Kubo’s quest is further enhanced with the monkey and another warrior helping him to solve the mystery of his life.
Extensive sunset, expansive sea, waterfall, fields, dark forest and ancient Japan thoroughly stands out as Laika has focused on background creation to engage the viewers in the tone of the film. The characters have a distinct stop motion look for if you notice the monkey is quite peculiar in terms of  its fur. The trailer portrays a wide range of colours as the scene is shifted from one plot to another and the colour pattern is not all that bright for a reason. ‘Anything magical has no limits, no boundaries to imagination’. And, Kubo and the Two Strings also seems to be an adventure which is larger than life due to its magical element. Laika aims to grab the audience through its distinct animation and engross them in the indulging mystery by its vivid art of storytelling and portrayal of emotions. Directed by Laika’s CEO Travis Knight, the enchanting music throughout the trailer accelerates your emotions as the scenes develop to the peak. It kind of takes your feelings to a certain highest point and then leaves you to experience the story by being present in it. Known for its stop motion films in the past, Laika has made an attempt to focus on storytelling and varied animation techniques with Kubo and the Two Strings which is set to release on 19 August, 2016.