‘Kuruveer- Cousins at crossroads’: Soon to release animated theatrical from Acropetal Animation

As I write and as you read, something massive is under works at Acropetal Animation. The Bengaluru-based animation studio is currently occupied with production of its animated feature Kuruveer- Cousins at crossroads. The film produced in a combination of 2D classical and digital animation techniques, will be ready to hit the screens very soon. The 120 minute-long film in Hindi is an adaptation of an excerpt of India’s greatest epic Mahabharata. Kuruveer traces the story of the beginning and elaborates on the seeds of enmity sown at the very beginning that resulted in the battle of Kurukshetra. “Kuruveer brings to life some of the unknown characters from the Kuru clan,” says Acropetal Animation director N.K. Narasimhan. Narasimhan has served as the animation director and has directed the film as well, with story, screenplay and dialogues by Jayanthi Narasimhan and production by Sanjeev Mahajan and Jayanthi. Acropetal has had various animated short films under its hood, a few of them which have been screened at international film festivals, but Kuruveer is its first commercial venture. The film is under post-production as of now and the first trailer is expected to arrive soon. “We are very excited to bring Kuruveer to life in this great art form,” exclaims Narasimhan. “We are also confident that the viewers will have a rewarding experience which will take them back in time and make them feel compelled to watch the film with the entire family.”