Kini Studios gives ‘Angry Maushi’ e-comics at discounted rates during the lockdown

With the extended lockdown, everybody is stuck at home for another fortnight at least. Wondering how to keep yourself occupied, many streaming platforms are providing huge content for the viewers to binge on. Old comics are being shared across WhatsApp, giving us a ride through the good old times. Adding to the lot, Abhijeet Kini Studios is making few comics available for the readers at minimum rates. The very popular Angry Maushi will make your lockdown time fun, with her antics. Indie artist Abhijeet Kini, is giving all the single issues in e-comics format, including the newest Citizen Pain at minimal rates on the official website of Kini Studios. Angry Maushi is a socio-political satire, with dark humour. It is not a kid’s comic and has some graphic cartoon violence and crude language. Each comic in the series has a loose central plot and all the other subplots are spoofs of current affairs or personalities. Although the series is quintessentially a Mumbai setting, the humour is pretty generic. Kini shared, “I created Angry Maushi as just a face when I was designing my merchandise for the Mumbai Comic Con. I wanted to come up with a character, who is quintessentially Mumbai.” Kini suggests readers to read comics during the lockdown, since it’s a great way to transport yourselves to other worlds and feel good. “In these times gadgets are what people are using the most to keep themselves busy, occupied or entertained. So, I am trying to target readers who can download the PDFs and read.” Angry Maushi is Kini’s first self published comic book. “This comic is an uncensored mirror of times and I feel this kind of humor is hard to find in our hypocritical society,” said he. The e-comics will be available for the readers till the lockdown lasts, but the offer price is available only for a certain period. Grab this opportunity and let your anger vent out through this very Angry Maushi. Apart from Angry Maushi, Kini Studios’ Rhyme Fighters is also one unique series which gives an ode to unsung heroes of our daily lives, a (comical) toast to the likes of traffic cops, Mumbai dabbawalas, the auto drivers and many more.