Kellogg’s Choco Fills’ latest commercial celebrates Valentine’s Day in a chocolaty way

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day to celebrate the most amazing feeling, love! Whether you are taken, almost taken, waiting to be taken, assumed to be taken, taken for granted or those who are never taken seriously, this day brings up all the emotions. The latest commercial of Kellogg’s Choco Fills is a perfect representation for those in love and also for those who have tried the potion called love. The advertisement is filled with love, affection, emotions and of course… chocolate! Ogilvy, the advertisement agency which works on various amazing commercials, sprinting out creative concepts have done justice to the concept and the product alike. If you are or have been in love, this advertisement will take you back down the memory lanes. Collaborating with Vaibhav More Films for the animated advertisement, the agency and Vaibhav More Films came up with a concept surrounding the feeling of love around Valentine’s Day. Considering the duration of the advertisement, it was difficult to narrate the story in such a short span (about 15 to 20 seconds). But the team accepted the challenge and did quite an amazing job to make the advertisement reach the audience well in time. The concept revolves around the chocorobbers (the product) stealing the chocolate. In this advertisement, the chocorobbers are back to spoil the Valentine’s Day fun of the love smitten chocolates. The creative team at Ogilvy came up with the basic idea and after brainstorming sessions and discussions, the final concept was decided upon. The background music given by Rupert and the voice over for the characters also played a significant role in making the 15 second film funnier. Vaibhav More Films founder Vaibhav More along with his team which included Rohan Bhalerao and Pravin Badiger has created the animation for the advertisement which is totally created using the 3D open source software, Blender. More always wanted to promote open source culture in the industry. Considering the affordability and feasibility of the open source software, it is a good source to create something better for the smaller companies. “I have been working in open source software since two and half years now and I believe this film prove that open source software are capable of delivering good visual output, ” said he. Ogilvy group creative director Shahrukh Irani mentioned that it was fun working on the advertisement, as the entire premise of the chocorobber is very funny. Talking about teaming up with Vaibhav More Films, Irani said, “Vaibhav and his team have painstakingly and lovingly developed each character and their movement to finally make it look effortless. Any suggestion we gave them excited them and they would wholeheartedly give it their best. And you can see the result of that.”
Along with the brand team at Kellogg’s, the Ogilvy team worked on the insight of how singles prank their couple friends around Valentine’s Day, which gave them an interesting plot to play with, making for very entertaining communication. “Occasions like this [Valentine’s Day] are very special for people. And, ads like this helps us create an impact on the audience’s mind and enhance their emotions,” commented More. In the clutter of regular advertisements, this animated ad will surely appeal the teenage target audience and make everyone drool over their love, chocolate. Happy Valentine’s!!!