Justice League Comic-Con trailer analysis: Teasing the return of Superman!

Justice will be served to all but the new trailer suggests our heroes will have to walk on eggshells first. Unveiled at the annual San Diego Comic Con international festival, the latest four minute trailer of the upcoming DC magnum opus ‘Justice League’ goes one step ahead of the initial teaser to give more insight into the movie. And hold your breath, it may have just revealed the return of Superman!
Superman to join them?
The trailer opens supposedly to a bank heist which is busted by Wonder Woman, who fights off the challenge of all the thieves single-handedly. With Superman still presumed dead, now it’s all down to her and four others – Batman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, to go against the might of pantomime Steppenwolf, who too is introduced here. Played by Ciaran Hinds, the leader of Apokolips descends down on Earth in search of three Mother Boxes, wreaking havoc left, right and centre in the process. The Justice League have a Herculean task at hand, but the trailer suggests they are up for it. Early on in the video, Aquaman is in Themyscira, home of Diana and her Amazonian race whilst also getting involved in an underwater skirmish. The Dark Knight is seen waltzing down the city, set ablaze by Steppenwolf, whereas Cyborg rides one of the Bat vehicles which leaves Alfred dumbfounded. Amid all the pandemonium unfolding, Barry Allen aka The Flash injects some mirth into the narratives with his hilarity that are sure to carve out some laughs despite the tense setting. And did I mention a humongous robotic creature that our protagonists battle with? Well, not much has been shown about it but whatever it is, it certainly spells more trouble. The action sequences appear on par with DC’s previous films in terms of quality but the thrill it imbues is infectious. Justice League have their plates full as majority of the time they could be seen carrying out their heroic manoeuvres suggesting an intense fight with the antagonists. But towards the end, they will be lent a helping hand by someone we are all waiting for. Yes, the theory of Superman’s return which I teased earlier. In the dying embers of the trailer, Alfred experiences slight tremors in his underground garage. The startled look he wears on seeing someone makes you think it’s Superman, whilst the words that he utters, “He said you’ll come. Now let’s hope you’re not too late” only adds more fuel to the fire! It’s bigger, better, darker and the excitement is so palpable. A Warner Bros. production, Justice League opens in theatres on 17 November 2017.