Jimmy Kimmel is the “new Batman in town” for ‘Teen Titans Go! to the Movies’

Jimmy Kimmel
Teen Titans Go! to the Movies has found its Batman in host Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel himself announced the news on Twitter, taking a shot at Will Arnett who voices for the caped superhero in the LEGO movie franchise. He also released an extended version of the new trailer that features a lot of funny Batman footage at the end. The trailer gives a slight glimpse of what Batman will look and sound like in the movie. It also appears that at a point Batman will also be mind-controlled by the villain, Deathstroke along with other DC heroes. Kimmel’s Batman consists of nothing but puns about Batman movie titles (we get to hear Kimmel say the famous “I’m Batman” line as he proceeds to make references to Batman Returns and Batman Forever) which makes Starfire quip that Batman can’t be stopped. Teen Titans Go! to the Movies which is a spin-off of animated series Teen Titans Go!, is said to be a parody of superheroes. However, it appears that all the mockery is coming with a certain level of respect. The movie focuses on the Titans specifically Robin, trying to be taken seriously as heroes. This involves them in a battle with  Deathstroke (voiced by Will Arnett) and trying to gain some fame along the way. In addition to Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven, the movie will also be graced by appearances from other popular DC superheroes including Nicolas Cage officially voicing for the ‘Man of Steel’ besides Arnett. Teen Titans GO! To the Movies hits the screens on 27 July 2018.