Jim Carrey to play Robotnik in ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ movie

Sonic The Hedgehog movie have Jim Carrey in the final negotiations to join James Marsden and Tika Sumpter in the film. Carrey will play Robotnik, a mad scientist and Sonic’s archenemy. The project is based on the Sega video game franchise which was launched in 1991 and has sold more than 360 million copies to date, including both packaged and digital games on consoles, tablets, and mobile. The game features a blue hedgehog named Sonic whose peaceful life is often interrupted by Doctor Eggman, a mad scientist who is trying to conquer the world, and by Doctor Robotnik, another scientist who has imprisoned animals in robots and stolen magical Chaos Emeralds. Jeff Fowler, who received an Oscar nomination for his 2005 animated short Gopher Broke, is helming the movie, which will have a mixture of live-action and CG elements. Neal Moritz will serve as the producer with Tim Miller (Deadpool) executive producing, along with Toby Ascher. Produced by Paramount Pictures, Sonic The Hedgehog have a tentative release date of 15 November 2019.