JAM Media and Amazon teams up for hybrid series ‘Jessy & Nessy’

Dublin-based JAM Media announces a new co-production with Amazon Studios’ Jessy & Nessy. The preschool series is set to launch on Amazon Prime Video at the end of 2019, with new episodes into 2020 and 2021. Created by JAM Media’s Chris Dicker, the show is being executive produced on behalf of the company by John Rice and Alan Shannon, while Michelle Sullivan is overseeing the project for Amazon Studios. Peter K. Hirsch is on board as head writer. “We are really excited to be partnered with Amazon Studios on this new property. We want to encourage children to be curious and learn about the world around them, and Jessy & Nessy make the perfect best friends to explore all of life’s wonders with,” said JAM Media CEO John Rice. Jessy and Nessy is a 40 x 11’ mixed-media preschool series about Jessy, an innately curious little girl and her best friend, Nessy, a five-and-a-half-thousand year old sea monster, with a penchant for pickles. “We’re so thrilled to be working with the talented team at JAM Media to bring the quirky and vibrant world of Jessy & Nessy to life,” says Melissa Wolfe, Head of Kids Programming, Amazon Studios. “With its unique characters, colorful locations and mixed media format, this show invites our preschool audience to tap into their innate curiosity and harness their imaginative spirit of wonder.” At the heart of the show is Jessy; an inquisitive, fun loving, spectacle wearing six-year old, who happens to see the world a little differently through her magical glasses — or as Jessy calls them, her ‘Inspectacles’. They allow Jessy to see and talk to all types of animated characters, including Nessy, who lives in a fountain in Cara Park opposite Jessy’s apartment building. Together, this unlikely duo explore life’s curiosities like why birds fly south, why things don’t fall up instead of down and even why some people snore? Jessy and Nessy reveal how all these seemingly everyday curiosities have fantastical answers, leading the home viewer to explore their own curiosities and to find the extraordinary in the ordinary.