It’s official! ‘IT’ sequel gets a release date

A still from ‘IT’
The spine-chilling horror that Andres Muschietti’s IT cast on its viewers is still afresh in the bones, courtesy the blood-thirsty clown of a monster Pennywise (with that hellish smirk) who took the horror genre into the stratosphere. So whilst the movie continues to smash (box-office) records to smithereens, the makers have already confirmed the release of its sequel! Production house New Line Cinema and distributors Warner Bros. Pictures have set 6 September 2019 as the release date for IT 2. Given the resoundingly rave reviews that the first installment garnered from all quarters, a sequel was inevitable. In fact, as you must be apprised of, IT recorded the highest opening ever for a horror film, and is firmly on course to also become the highest grossing movie of the genre, of all time.
Pennywise lurking through a sewage
So for all the clamors and cacophony to watch the sewage-dwelling clown once again on the big screen, rejoice! He’s officially coming back to tug at your fear receptors. Although the cast hasn’t been confirmed just yet, we’d definitely love to see Bill Skarsgard reprising the role of Pennywise, for there’s no one else who could replicate the kind of terror that he inflicted upon us. Andres Muschietti is expected to be back on the director’s seat, while producers Barbara Muschietti, Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg are expected to return as well. Gary Dauberman, who wrote the screenplay for IT, has reportedly begun working on the script for the sequel.