Is Razer unveiling its first smartphone next month?

Razer has been and still is arguably the most influential gaming hardware brand. With high end rigs attributed to their name, the company has found a strong foothold among the gamers. While the company has dealt in the PC front only, it seems the company is delving into the mobile business soon. The company has teased for an announcement which they would be making on 1 November, calling it their “biggest unveiling” of the year. Earlier this year, Razer acquired smartphone company Nextbit. This acquisition has led many to believe that the company is indeed working on a smartphone keeping in mind its consumer base of hardcore gamers. With the announcement, the image posted shows a person holding a smartphone-like device, further strengthening the speculations. An earlier published Bloomberg report states that the company was planning to develop a smartphone, indeed for the hardcore gaming audiences. Razer has called upon enthusiasts to sign up over the website to stay updated on the future announcements about the project. The only handheld device that the company has launched so far goes by the name of Razer Edge Pro, a gaming tab. While the leaks about the possible specs of the smartphone have started popping up over the internet, nobody is a 100 per cent sure about any of them.